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France is the second market for EdTech in Europe. Though the ecosystem is still pretty young, it is already well structured around dedicated clusters, business associations and VCs. Recent investments (over €100M in 2019) are a sign that the potential of the market is huge.


Daphné Lora

Creative Industries & EdTech

France has one of the best systems in place to help and sustain startups. Many French organizations […] were ready and willing to help in every way. Then came the cherry on the cake when the Education Nationale gave us the mandate for the Italian language.
- Kyra Pahlen, founder & CEO LingoZing

156 M
the estimated value of the industry in France by 2022
64 %
of the French EdTech Ecosystem is in Paris Region



From K-12 to Corporate Training: Different Markets

France counts 430 EdTech responsible for 7,000 jobs. 60% of the startups were created in the past 5 years, making it a young but growing market. The sector is dominated by 20 companies with more than 5 million euros in revenues (including the Paris-based 360 Learning and Open classroom). The adoption of technologies and EdTech, as well as the maturity of the markets, varies according to the segments addressed

Corporate Training and Lifelong education, which targets the necessity to train for new jobs and skills, is the most mature market with 63% of the French EdTech active on that segment. In Europe, the Paris Region has the highest concentration of Global Fortune 500 HQs. The Region also concentrates nearly 25% of all jobs in France.

Higher education institutions are increasingly aware of the possibilities offered by EdTech to improve teaching and 46% of the French EdTech cater to this segment. With 70 elite schools and 16 public universities, Paris Region has the higher concentration of higher education students in Europe.

K-12 (middle schools, high schools and primary schools) represent the largest addressable market in France in terms of value. This market will certainly take the longest to be transformed due to the complexity of dealing with public players. Asa result, only 39% of French EdTech position themselves on this market. As part of its 2021 AI Plan, Paris Region is launching the 1st AI campus experimentation in partnership with the Ministry of National Education for the 2020-2021 school year.

Most French EdTech are B2B:

  • 50% specialize in the provision of online educational resources, materials, and content.
  • 36% sell features dedicated to professional and technical training.
  • 22% provide consulting services in pedagogical engineering.


Two VCs dedicated to EdTech are present in Paris Region: Educapital and BrightEye Ventures.


Clusters, Incubators and Accelerators to Support Your Growth in Paris Region

Cap Digital cluster promotes Paris Region as one of the world leaders in digital contents, creative industries and services. Cap Digital covers 6 major activity fields including E-education, training & HR. Learn More.

EdTech France and AFINEV are the two main EdTech associations, gathering startups in K12, higher education or corporate training, institutional and associative partners, major companies and higher education institutions. Learn more about EdTech France and AFINEV.

LearnSpace is a business accelerator dedicated exclusively to EdTech, especially for higher education and corporate education startups. Learn More.

RHIZOME by Paris&Co is the City of Paris’ platform dedicated to new working trends and HR transformation. Learn More.

Other incubators with a focus on cultural and creative start-ups also welcome EdTech projects:
LINCC by Paris&Co, the platform dedicated to digital cultural and creative industries of the city of Paris. Learn More.

Labo de l’Édition by Paris&Co, the platform dedicated to the publishing field, including EdTech, eLearning, and publishing houses. Learn More.

104Factory, with a focus on artistic education. Learn More.


EdTech Events in Paris Region

Learning Technologies France, Paris, January – Learning Technologies France is an event for workplace learning and human resources that provides a conference program to more than 7,000 professionals involved in workplace learning and human resources from around the world. Learn More.

Unleash, Paris, October - Unleash World is an event gathering senior HR technology buyers, the industry’s top suppliers, startups, speakers, journalists, and analysts to connect and collaborate around the opportunities that HR tech offers. Learn More.

Educatec-Educatice, Paris, November - Educatec Educatice is an exhibition for educational innovation in France. In partnership with the Ministry of National Education and the Education League, the event is led by teachers, students, project leaders and speakers coming from all over France. Learn More.

Virtuality, Paris, November - A trade show dedicated to virtual reality and immersive technologies. Each year the Virtuality XR Awards reward the best achievements in virtual reality, augmented reality, holograms etc. in industrial and creative categories. Learn More.