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Paris Region is one of the leading economic and scientific regions in Europe regarding health: the Region features a high concentration of world-famous academic research institutions in all scientific fields, including healthcare research. In fact, it concentrates more than 40% of French academic research. 

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Romain Vallée

Healthcare, Life Sciences

Here in Paris, you have world-class research institutions from which many highly trained scientists, engineers and doctors are graduating every year [...]. It's also a great place for private and public partnerships here. I know that the hospitals and academic institutions are actively looking to set up collaborations with early-stage companies.
- Nader Yaghoubi, CEO PathMaker Neurosystems

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Major Health Assets in Paris Region 

Paris Region boasts Europe’s largest hospital network, Assistance Publique Hopitaux de Paris (AP-HP), which treats more than 8 million patients every year. There are currently 12,000 doctors and 4,500 sponsored research projects in progress. Learn More

Inserm is the French national health and medical research institution. Headquartered in Paris, it is the leading European academic biomedical research institution with 350 research structures located in France and abroad. Learn More

Many research centers are leading the way in their respective fields in the Paris Region to advance medical technology and knowledge. Here are a few of them and their major research areas: 


  • Biotherapies institute (Genopole Campus): biotherapies for rare genetic diseases - neuromuscular diseases, immune system, blood disorders, myology and human pluripotent stem cells. Learn More
  • Curie Institute: several types of cancers, including eye cancers, pediatric tumors, breast cancers and sarcomas. Learn More
  • François Jacob Institute of biology: radiobiology and radiotoxicology, neurodegenerative, infectious and immunohematological illnesses and medical and environmental genomics. Learn More
  • Frédéric Joliot Institute for Life Sciences: integrative biology of the cell, biomedical imaging, diagnostic and therapeutic innovation. Learn More
  • Gustave-Roussy Institute: novel therapies in oncology - Molecular Medicine, Immunotherapy, DNA repair and rare cancers. Learn More
  • ICAN Institute (cardiometabolism and nutrition - diabetes, obesity, NASH, myocardial diseases, atherothrombosis). Learn More
  • ICM - Brain & Spine Institute: neurological diseases - Parkinson disease, multiple sclerosis, dementias, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and epilepsy. Learn More
  • Imagine Institute for genetic diseases: immunology, autoimmunity, hematology, kidney, bone, metabolism, Intellectual disabilities, dermatology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology and infectious diseases. Learn More.
  • INRIA: digital health - diagnostic assistance, examination analysis, optimization and personalization of treatments, screening of molecules with biological activity, human brain modeling, tools for diabetic patients and neuromarkers. Learn More. 
  • Meary Center: bioproduction, Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, Gene and cell therapy and tissue engineering. Learn More
  • PARCC: major cardiovascular diseases - atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart failure and sudden cardiac death. Learn More
  • Pasteur Institute: emerging infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance, brain connectivity and neurodegenerative diseases. Learn More
  • Vision Institute: eye diseases - retina imaging, AMD, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathies, retinitis pigmentosa and artificial retina. Learn More


R&D activities in France are facilitated by the R&D tax incentive program, one of the most attractive schemes in the world. Its advantageous research tax credit, the Crédit d’Impôt Recherche (CIR) allows certain companies to deduct eligible expenses from their taxes. This measure saved 800 million euros for health industry companies in 2019. Learn More


Clusters, Incubators and Accelerators to Support Your Growth in Paris Region  

Many clusters are related, partially or entirely, to the health industry in Paris Region:  

Medicen Paris Region is a cluster and a global hub for health innovative technologies with more than 480 companies & academics. Learn More

Genopole is a scientific campus & business cluster for biotechnologies with more than 80 companies and 16 research labs, close to South Paris region hospital-CHSF. Learn More

Silver Valley is a cluster focusing on ageing technologies with more than 300 members. It is located close to the Charles-Foix hospital. Learn More

Cancer Campus is a biocluster focused on oncology around the Gustave-Roussy Institute. The objective of Cancer Campus is to allow the development and hosting of companies on multidisciplinary themes such as medicine, imaging, instrumentation, medical devices, ITand e-health, within an internationally recognized academic and clinical environment. Learn More

Cap Digital is a cluster for digital and ecological transformation with a great attention to e-health and well-being. Learn More

Paris-Saclay ranks in the top 8 innovation clusters in the world. It is located close to Paris-Saclay University and includes a faculty of medicine and several research centers in life sciences. Learn More

Whether generalist or largely focused on health, many business incubators and/or accelerators of Paris Region offer specific programs to international startups interested in tackling the European market:  

AgoranovBond’Innov, Creative ValleyGenopole’s BoosterHEC IncubatorIncuballianceiPEPSParis Santé CochinDigital Health Incubator, Digital Medical Hub, Digital Pharma LabPrevent2CareSilver Innov’SpringboardStation FTech Care ParisVillejuif Bio ParkInstitut de la Vision’s incubatorX-Tech Incubator, Wilco Healthcare.


Get in touch with us to get more details on which program could best support your activities in Paris Region. 


Health and HealthTech Events in Paris Region 


SANTEXPO, Paris, March -  This annual event gathers the entire health ecosystem: equipment manufacturers, software editors, suppliers, e-health entrepreneurs, medical device manufacturers, decision-makers and health professionals involved in the management, digital, equipment and construction of health facilities). Learn More.

Bioengineering and MedTech against cancer, Paris, November - To meet the challenges in healthcare of the 21st century, we need to develop novel approaches by combining Bioengineering and MedTech to cancer diagnosis and prognosis. Each has a role to play in this open innovation model: clinician, engineers, industrials, entrepreneurs, doctors, MedTech companies and, of course, patients.  Learn More